Engineer on Staff
Bobcats for Hire serves the New Jersey community by providing highly specialized drainage systems and earth moving projects such as excavating, grading, installing Stormwater systems, landscape construction, retaining walls, and performing Site Work. Our compact excavators are well suited to perform the most difficult of tasks, yet they are small enough to get the job done without damaging your home or business. We bring value to our customers which includes 25 years of project management experience along with the engineering knowledge to ensure that your project is designed and installed correctly. Despite these obvious benefits to our customer, we still maintain competitive pricing for our work.
Basement waterproofing excavation
All of our machines are owned and use rubber tracks which are not only gentle to your lawn, driveways, and parking lots, but also allow projects to continue despite adverse weather conditions. If your project requires Installing French Drains, Drywells, Landscape construction, Breaking concrete, new retaining walls, new electric, sewer, or water lines, Stormwater Management, or site work for a new addition or building, Bobcats for Hire can help. Due to our attention to detail, highly specialized machines, and desire for perfection, Bobcats for Hire can quickly respond to your project's needs with both an adequately engineered design, as well as a superior installation.

Screening existing soil benefits our customers and the environment

Screening your soil Saves you $$$ and improves your project!!!

Our hydraulic portable skidsteer screening bucket is currently the only one of its kind being used in all of New Jersey. You will benefit from effective screening of your top soil as we can easily remove unwanted roots, rocks, and debris from your property while leaving behind valuable top soil. This leaves your property with a final grade quality that is unsurpassed while also reducing the quantity of top soil that would otherwise need to be purchased and trucked to your site. Our approach reduces costs, trucking, fuel consumption, and pollution while improving the overall quality of the your project.

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By screening the existing soil, protruding rocks are virtually eliminated from a final grade without the need for many truckloads of purchased screened top soil. Children can run and play without injuries caused from poor soil conditions. Parents can enjoy a vacation with savings from reduced quantities of screened top soil. A customer's lawn and landscape is greatly improved without increasing the costs of materials.

You will soon see why proper design will add value and save you considerable money over the life of your project.

Rubber track skid steer loaders and excavators work well in wet, muddy environments frequently encountered in drainage applications.




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