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Heavy Duty Trencher Equipment
If you need powerful trenching capabilities, look no further than our remote controlled, track trencher to handle your toughest assignments.

Remote Control Bobcat TrencherBobcats for Hire has on hand the amazing T300 remote controlled trenching machine. This powerhouse sports over 81 HP to tear through the most challenging trenching applications and will ensure that your installation is installed where smaller machines just will not cut it. Water lines, sewer lines, electrical conduit, or drainage lines can be installed with minimal disruption to the site. The high flow trencher installed on this 81 HP machine is capable of trenching through asphalt, dirt, hardpan, or roots up to 50" deep, and is perfect for gas, electric, water lines, or other trenching needs where a clean, neat, and narrow trench is preferable to a backhoe. The longevity of your underground project is greatly affected by the precision installation techniques incorporated during its construction. Be smart and ensure that the most effective equipment is used in the installation of your underground project for years of trouble free service.

T300 Remote Controlled Bobcat Skid Steer Loader & Trencher
bobcat trencher

Powerful trenching for tough work, yet gentle to your home!

By using this remote controlled trencher, our company minimizes disruption to the underlying soil which ensures that settling below the pipe or conduit is eliminated because the earth beneath it is not disturbed. This is critical in ensuring a consistent slope with no sagging of the piping which can otherwise cause blockages or cracking in the future. Our unmatched installation techniques allow us to confidently offer a lifetime warranty on all of our underground piping projects.

To the left is a photo of our T300 Bobcat remote controlled trencher installing 24" deep drainage line as well as an electrical conduit line for outdoor lighting. Notice that there is minimal disruption to the site compared to a backhoe. With a narrow trench and wide rubber tracks to distribute the weight of the machine evenly, there is virtually no sign that the equipment had traveled the site. The photo below shows the path our machine took to arrive at the work area. Distinctly absent are any lines, rut marks, or scratches as our rubber track loader traveled across the driveway and stone to the work area. Our wide tracks distribute weight evenly and make it safe for septics or other underground utilities. The remote control allows the operator to see entirely around the cab as well as into the trench for accuracy of depth and location. This allows our installations unparalleled precision in both trench placement as well as trench depth, both of which are critical to the performance of any drainage or utility system. bobcat t300

bobcat trencher

When you need high powered trenching equipment for a neat installation without the mess created by a backhoe, Bobcats for Hire has the specialized equipment to get your project done quickly and neatly. Think 1-877-SKIDSTEER!bobcat trencher

You want precision in installation, power in the installing equipment, and operators experienced in trenching to get it done right. This is why Bobcats for Hire's remote controlled powerhouse is what you need to get the job done right and with minimal disturbance. Combining superior equipment with our engineering design skills will ensure that your project's performance and installation are well above your demanding expectations! bobcat trencher

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