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Exterior Foundation drains stops water from seeping into your basement or crawlspace.
without pumps or electricity

Is an Exterior solution right for me?

Exterior foundation drain

Exterior foundation drain

"Your house is only as healthy as your basement"

Basement will be dry and mold free!
Wet Basements Breed Mold

This Lake house in Montville Township is located down a steep hill from the road. As a result of the long grade drop off, water would seep through the basement walls long after a rain event. The best method to fix this problem permanently is to install an exterior foundation drain along with a waterproof membrane. The foundation drain allows water to flow away from the foundation by gravity, and the membrane forces the water down into the foundation drain without causing dampness or wetness in the walls or basement. At this home, the foundation drain used a large perforated PVC pipe to handle the water flow off the mountain while discharging it into two separate concrete detention basins to minimize the runoff from the property. The entire installation utilized schedule 40 PVC pipe, 15 foot wide roll protective filter fabric, and plenty of 2 ½” crushed stone for drainage, which successfully diverted all of the runoff and seeping water around the house and away from the basement. This property owner was an engineers and had been insistent on an exterior foundation drain along with our standard Paraseal membrane to solve his basement water problems. This exterior foundation drain has an added benefit in that it will also help to remove dampness and mold caused by moist walls. Our exterior Paraseal Membrane also reduces radon gas from entering through porous block walls. Interior style drains jack hammer your cement floor and allow radon to easily enter your home through the gap that is left in the installation. Much of New Jersey has high levels of Radon present, making an exterior solution both more effective and more safe. Doesn't your family deserve the peace of mind from an exterior waterproofing system? Our articulated excavators allow for digging in compact areas and also directly against foundations which is usually needed when addressing a leaky basement. This house also had two abandoned oil tanks in the ground that we removed to prevent the chance of any future ground contamination.

Take a tour and learn about the waterproofing process without any high pressure sales or scare tactics. Our site is designed to educate. Once consumers are made aware of the benefits, they easily choose an exterior waterproofing solution because it is just better and also healthier for your family.

Stop water and soil gasses BEFORE they pour through your walls with an exterior foundation drain. An exterior system will keep your basement floor AND walls dry because it stops the water from pouring through your block walls.

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My neighbor's water drains onto my property.
What can I do?

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