PVC or

Corrugated Black Pipe ???!

Corrugated Piping does not perform well in many applications. You may notice that the pipe does not lay flat in the trench, and is prone to freezing or clogging over time as a result. While corrugated pipe is always less expensive to purchase, a system that utilizes smooth PVC pipe will last much longer than the alternative from the big box store below. Corrugated pipe is easier to install because long rolls require fewer couplings, but is not able to prevent "ups and downs" in the run which will soon become filled with sediment. This problem is clearly seen in the photo to the left. This inevitable sediment buildup will soon restrict the flow of the system down to zero. To add insult to injury, corrugated pipe can not be effectively "snaked" without causing ruptures to the thin, corrugated walls that are easily pierced by the cleaning process. "There is scarcely anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse, and sell a little more cheaply. The person who buys on price alone is this man's lawful prey" John Ruskin

Underground work is not an area to skimp on materials or design as changing these items once they are found to be faulty often results in a total loss of the original project. If faulty piping does not properly convey the water for a home's foundation drain, constant wetness can cause mold and mildew buildup in your home. Bobcats for Hire uses only the best materials for your project, and will specify what materials you are getting with every quotation. Be smart and ensure that your underground project is built to last by using an experienced company that will do what it takes to build a lasting drainage system.

Subsurface drainage systems often employ ridged PVC pipe, or Flexible, black corrugated pipe. We have always preferred to use ridged PVC pipe for our designs for a number of reasons. Because PVC is ridged, it is much easier to achieve a constant slope in an underground pipe. PVC piping allows for the installer to easily check that the elevations and slope of the pipe are correct. Our company will check the elevations of all underground piping before it is backfilled to ensure that your system will outlast you. PVC pipe is smooth on the inside which allows for a greater flow velocity in any given size diameter pipe. PVC can also be easily cleaned with plumbing snakes should that ever become necessary. Corrugated pipe, on the other hand is rough inside and difficult or impossible to clean without damaging. Corrugated pipe does not lay flat in the trench, and is easily clogged or frozen in the areas where water or sediment becomes trapped in the pipe. When having underground work performed, be sure to use PVC piping, and only hire a company who you are confident will double check all elevations and slopes before the work is buried. Excavating pipe due to a lazy or incompetant installer can frequently mean the total loss of your project.