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Legal Problems and Water Drainage

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Frequently, people will ask what can be done about a neighbor's water draining onto their property. This problem has been around as long as houses, water, and hills have existed. Unfortunately, there are no set answers, and every situation has its own circumstances. Since water flows downhill, homeowners near the bottom of a hill will always have complaints about those properties that occupy higher land. Many townships do not like to get involved in disputes over water, drainage, or run off because they are generally not permitted to improve or maintain storm drainage facilities that occupy private property. Frequently, the homeowners are asked to try to work out the water problems amongst themselves before the lawyers get involved and make it more expensive for everyone. A professionally designed and installed stormwater plan can resolve water problems without causing legal problems. One that is not designed properly can make problems worse for your neighbor, and eventually for you, too. We specialize in repairing inadequate drainage systems, designing and installing new drainage systems, and also in inspecting existing drainage systems that are not functioning properly.
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Our drainage systems are designed with all affected properties in mind and will always minimize the amount of net runoff where possible to ensure that neighboring properties are not adversely affected. Failure to take runoff calculations into consideration can often result in costs far in excess of the original work by a contractor who did not fully understand the scope of the problem or of its proper solution. Our goals are to help property owners resolve their water issues without causing a problem for neighboring properties (or for our client down the road as a result). A little extra time spent on an effective design and installation will certainly cost less in the long run than an inferior system that either does not work as intended or that causes more problems than it has resolved. Our company will always try to work with all interested parties in an effort to amicably solve a drainage related problem to their satisfaction. Ground Water Exposed------- full story...
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Bobcats for hire is prepared to plan the needed improvements to your property for a long lasting and cost effective solution which will not affect your neighbor's property. Our areas of involvement also include excavating, grading, drainage improvements, dry well installations, and landscaping for the long term enjoyment of your property. Call today for that professional look to your home or business.
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